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The Value of Maintaining Friendship

           We all have childhood best friends and we often assume that these persons would still be our friends when we are all grown up and even until the day we die. Some people are lucky to keep their childhood friends, especially their best friends. However, most people just grow apart and sadly, some childhood best friends just become people who used to know each other.
What are the factors that affect friendship? There are many reasons why a best friend from childhood can be forgotten. One of the most common reasons would be distance. Moving away and growing apart from each other can have the biggest effect on friendships. Although people would often make extra efforts to keep the communication and to maintain the bond, very few friendships ever succeed.
            You honestly considered not "you do not hide anything" other, but they do not hide what expected of you to hide. It is perhaps paradoxical, but it is, honesty is not verified by you, but by other. Are considered sincere when you say only what he wants and what else expects of you to say.If a friend confesses that she's beautiful and intelligent as she is neither one nor the other, you're not honest. If you say it's ugly and not very smart, are you honest. But I confess that all these have absolutely no importance, as others are things you want to tell them that grind their time in a stupid way, like living a dream, the dream of things that one away truth and happiness then surely you're not honest, you're crazy. It may be strange, but we fear a world "unfavorable" a foreign environment, with which we can communicate face that can not be "honest". To not be alone want people to be honest with us. Only sincerity gives us this certainty that we are surrounded by friends, people who love us, that we are not alone. Therefore, in lonely watches are most denominations, open hearts, people seek one another: just to cancel that feeling of isolation final. Honesty is also, like so many others, an aspect of preservation instinct. In fact, sincerity participate in the complicated feelings and pride class is called friendship and who, we must admit, is one of the most serious reasons to love life. 
                      The same thing happens friendship: you are loved not for what you are, but for what your friend sees and believes in you. You, man, you're always sacrificed. You are loved not for you, but what you give, what can justify, verify, contradict or affirm the friend's feelings. And you can not complain, because you do the same, everybody is the same. What a sad kind of friendship is that each of the friends sacrifices freedom of others. By "freedom" means the sum of its possibilities, its willingness to change, to change, to compromise. You loved her friends were accustomed you to see you on the street to meet you at a local or on the sports field, they used to go with them to the cinema, visiting acquaintances, you like generally to do and what their thinking generally what I think too.  
                   Where are you in all of their feelings? Are decomposed and distributed at will or whim assimilated them, and you do the same. If one day you want to do something other than what is expected of you to do, then you're not a good friend, then uncomfortable, tired, hinders. Sometimes you tolerated, it's all love can give your friends your freedom: tolerance.A few days ago some friends try to talk about death, and it seems I would have said, "Honey, come on and let the crap out of the way." They do not understand that what appears to them as nonsense can mean for me an essential problem. And then I wondered what my friends would say if I commit an act of compromising, but urgently demanded my freedom? And I realized that I would try changing from my point of view. They would try to pass a moment me to understand my madness. I would enact crazy, I would tolerate were        
                     I would leave alone. In no case would pass me. However, true love does not only mean the complete cessation your individuality to move in the other. A friendship not only check you give him the freedom of others. Helping a friend in need of heating your caresses, the surround with "sincerity" is not your thing. Some are real tests of friendship: not to violate freedom of not judging it from your point of view (which may be real and justifiable, but can not match the experience of destiny other), not treasure it by what you it or entertain yourself, but for what it is, for himself, in what he must realize that to get a man. And not just a mannequin. Nevertheless no one asks you, as no one asks you real sincerity, but only so earnestly that he wants. Remember that a friendship does not matter only what the other.
                     Each less than we should. It is our great sin: that we thirst for more, that we thank the quarters and therefore each of us so much fear of ridicule. Not only does it give as they should, but take far less than we offer.

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