luni, 26 noiembrie 2012

               Sighisoara extremely known in the country and live-n strainatate.Desi more, while in Sighisoara, a medieval burg inimarenumitului place located in Sighisoara near the Clock Tower restaurant is Casa Vlad DRACUL.In this building between 1431-1435 to live Vlad Dracul was also a witness of the century fresco lxv.In is taking place today in building a restaurant serving national cuisine and special international.Nota face'Gustarea Prince Dracula. 'you can not leave the place without savoring and products traditional site ardeleneasaca brandy, brandy 'pear in the bottle "typical medieval ambiance you enter in times long gone, but especially in times charm traim.Daca their stomach is in place can make a trip to Saschiz village , favorite of prince Charles, where for one day you can visit the monastery tower localitatii.Cetatea center in the immediate apropiere.Se can sicken organic products, much appreciated by royal family and not numai.Cum I said in the introduction to these places continue to amaze and creates a good feeling for those who live a long time in these place.

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