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ong Distance Relationships

Surviving Long Distance Relationships - Keeping the


   Perhaps, everybody is telling you that long distance relationship won't work. You know, this stuff is hard. It can potentially make you out of your mind. Long distance relationship is presently the most difficult relationship that anybody is struggling to survive. I know how painful it is to maintain this type of relationship.

Perhaps, you're thinking from home whether your man out there will cheat on you. Perhaps, you're thinking whether you can still maintain your love to your man. From what I know, the one thing that will ruin your long distance relationship from the beginning is YOUR OWN negative thoughts. Of course, you can't just change your thought in an instant and become a positive lover for your man, right?
That's it. But, it's important for you to make sure that you're not wandering in negative thoughts that will only ruin your trust toward your partner. Let me tell you this way. When you have your man out there, separated from you in a distance, the one most important thing you need to have is TRUST. With this TRUST, you will be able to maintain the strong bond with your partner. TRUST is based on LOVE. If you love your man truly, you will TRUST him. But, if not, you'll simply have wandering thoughts about him doing some affairs with other women.
So, in order to change your thought into the positive, consider asking to yourself whether you really LOVE your man. This is the way you can build trust with your man out there. Once a good trust is build, there is another thing that you need to pay attention.
It's COMMUNICATION. Yes, your communication with him over a distance will help you to keep in touch with him during this long distance relationship. And what's the best form of communication? Well, it depends on what he's doing out there. If he's there for work, then probably he will be busy most of the time. So, it is better to send him some emails each week.
But, it will go much better for you if you spare some time to communicate over the phone with him. Of course, you can schedule this time so that he can do it in his free time. A much better communication approach is VIDEO CALLING. You know, there are many video chat services that you can use. Just ask him to online on Skype in specific time when you'll call him. It'll be like meeting with him face to face.
I think that's how you can survive in long distance relationship. I know it sounds difficult, but it will pay off when he's finally coming back home.
Meanwhile, don't let him to pull away from you. Watch this 
Most girls are having problem with their long distance relationship and want to make sure that their boyfriend won't cheat on them. So, it's better for you to make sure that he won't pull away from you. It's like... you know, when he suddenly doesn't return your call or write back to you.

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